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First At Edifi is a communications agency that specializes in delivering original insights and compelling storytelling to help our clients in the financial services sector stand out in new ways. Our magic is in how we combine subject matter experts in financial services and top minds in journalism, advertising, advisory and more to create a tight-knit team that can execute across all channels.

We specialize in the art of modern financial services communications – developing data-driven insights that inform distinctive storytelling, content that inspires trust in our clients, and human stories that make the most technical details meaningful. First At Edifi taps a rich media heritage to earn unparalleled attention for our clients with retail and institutional audiences. Given the tech-forward thrust of finance today, legacy financial services brands and fintech disruptors alike need to engage their constituents with the agility, speed and relevancy of a savvy tech brand. In these transformative times, where financial products, markets and audience expectations are ever-changing, our mission is to empower our clients by being an unmatched partner – one that’s edifying at every turn.