Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct provides a uniform understanding as to what is expected of our employees and embodies our commitment to excellent counsel and service to all stakeholders. The code is supplemented by our Day-to-Day Situation Guidewhich addresses issues specific to our industry.

We’re also committed to maintaining high ethical standards externally by the third parties that we engage. As a result, we developed a Code of Ethics for Suppliers and Service Providers to ensure that subcontractors, freelancers, suppliers and other third parties understand and agree to comply with our expected standards in all business dealings related to Edelman.

We prioritize social and environmental returns and are committed on several fronts to improving sustainability on our planet, as described in our Environmental Policy. We are dedicated to sourcing goods and services from sustainable sources, and collaborating with partners who share our values and commitments towards sustainable procurement. Through our Sustainable Procurement Policy, we request our suppliers to uphold these commitments, and engage with us in a process of continuous improvement in the area of responsible and sustainable purchasing. We are committed to upholding human rights in every facet of our business from our employees to the communities where we live and work, and we detail this commitment in our Human Rights Policy.

We are committed to focusing online behavior through the lens of “doing the right thing.” We have a Digital Code of Conduct that is updated annually, as our online behavior policies closely mirror the dramatic pace of change that has occurred across the digital world. Our guidelines have been constructed to reflect the evolving norms of online community behavior, especially as it pertains to how corporations, and the agencies acting on their behalf, comport themselves online.